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St. Peter’s Children’s and Youth Ministry engages, equips, and empowers young people in our community to deepen their relationship with God, inspiring them to live their lives for the benefit of others.

At St. Peter’s we believe that our children are the church and we welcome them with open arms. Our programs include worship, learning, service and fellowship opportunities as well as parish-wide activities that remind people of all ages that the church is a fun place to be!

  • Welcome: We invite and accept all young people into our community, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, ability, or sexual orientation.

  • Community: We cherish the humanity of our young people as we journey together, fostering empathy and compassion in a safe environment.

  • Fun: We laugh, play, and are joyful together.

  • Nurture: We love, support, respect, and listen to our children and youth.

  • Spiritual Growth: We inspire young people to explore and live into our Baptismal Covenant through prayer, service, and fellowship.


About Children and Youth

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