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Worship & Music

Worship is central to who we are as people of faith. We believe that our primary act as Christians is to offer up our praise to God. We gather each week to be fed on God’s holy Word and at God’s holy table in the sacrament of Holy Communion. Having been nourished, we are sent back out into the world to share what we have received in worship and to serve as living sacraments of grace. At St. Peter’s we offer a variety of ways to engage in prayer and worship as a community.

A vital and integral part of worship at St. Peter’s, music is one of the ways by which we communicate with God and each other. We offer praise to God through music, following the Biblical example set forth in the Psalms and elsewhere.  The music that we make helps to shape the seasons of the liturgical year; within the worship service, music

serves the functions of invocation, edification and reflection. The music ministry provides an outlet of Christian expression for worshippers of all levels of musical skill, from the amateur to the conservatory-trained.

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