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Blood Drives

In order to support the health of our parishioners and our community, St Peters is a site for blood drives run by the American Red Cross. We provide the use of our parish hall and the volunteer time to solicit the blood donations. This is done via email, phone calls and the Red Cross website.


Every 2 seconds someone in the United States needs blood, but only 3% of the population are blood donors. YOU can play a critical role in the treatment of accident and burn victims, patients with leukemia, cancer and sickle cell or those undergoing heart surgery and organ transplants. One blood donation can help up to three patients. The process takes about an hour.  You need to be in generally good health and weigh at least 110 lb. (More details at

Our drive is unique, because at St Peter's when you give a pint, you get a pint back. No worries, it's not a pint of blood!

Kate has solicited merchants in our neighborhood to provide "thank you pints" to our amazing life-saving donors. In the past, thank you points have included water ice, homemade soup, beer, ice cream, etc. This "Give a Pint, Get a Pint" plan has been a great way to get existing donors to invite a friend to become a first-time donor. After all, you need a buddy to come along when you go get that free beer or water ice 😉.


Being a donor is not the only way you can help, however. 

​Volunteers are needed with a variety of skills: to phone prospective donors; to provide lunch for the (approximately 6) volunteers; to come up with ideas and contact merchants for thank-you pints; to advertise our blood drive and share the idea of giving a priceless gift to our neighbors.


Interested in being a part of this life-giving effort either as a donor or a volunteer? Contact Kate Boyce (

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