Children's Education

Sunday School classes are offered during the first part of our 10 a.m. service in our Sunday School wing on the lower level of the church.  We have dedicated volunteers and staff who teach our children using the Godly Play and Building Faith Brick by Brick curriculums. For our youngest children we offer nursery care staffed by a trained caregiver.  We invite all children to join their families and the congregation in the pews for the Celebration of Holy Communion. Once a month during the school year we offer a special Children’s service where children and their families participate in the entire service which has been especially created and prepared for them.

Building Faith Brick by Brick

We have been using this innovative curriculum for two years now with older elementary school children (ages 8-11). Building Faith Brick by Brick offers a culturally relevant, hands-on way to explore faith stories with a broad range of ages. It grew out of one congregation’s realization that there was a large group of kids who needed to engage in a new way of interacting with the biblical story. Knowing how much Lego® bricks continue to be popular with children, the author dug deep into the well of creativity and an enormous bin of little plastic building bricks to meld together a new way of teaching the stories of God. It has become a very popular class with our children and teachers. And it builds on what they have already learned and experienced through Godly Play.


To learn more about Building Faith Brick by Brick please click HERE.

Godly Play

Godly Play is an experiential method of Christian formation and spiritual direction for children based upon the recognition that children have an innate sense of the presence of God. What they need is the appropriate language to help them identify and express it so it can be explored and strengthened. Godly Play teaches the art of using Christian language—parable, sacred story, silence and liturgical action—in a way that involves the creative process and all the child’s senses as a means to know God and to make meaning in their lives. A Godly Play worship experience invites the children into the liturgical rhythm of greeting, storytelling, response, prayer, feast and sending out. In the Godly Play room, we are surrounded with materials that help us discover the whole story of God.

St. Peter’s Church has a long-established Godly Play program for children ages 3 through 8. It takes place during the 10 a.m. service each Sunday except for special children’s services. On Godly Play Sundays, children join their families in the church for communion.


St. Peter’s has a trained nursery caregiver who serves on Sunday mornings throughout the school year. The nursery is designed for children who are ages 0-2. It is well stocked with toys and other fun activities to keep children engaged. Care is available from 9:30-11:30 a.m. on Sundays and we encourage parents to pick their children up and have them participate in Holy Communion.

Special Children’s Services

We value our children participating in the life of worship and believe they learn as much about their faith by being in worship as they do in their Sunday school classes. This is why we offer opportunities throughout the school year for them to serve as worship ministers, acolytes, musicians and even preachers. These services are geared especially for them. Please review the worship schedule for these upcoming opportunities.

Sunday School