Meet Our Vestry

What is the Vestry?

The Vestry is our governing board and is responsible for financial oversight, for the care our buildings, and for helping the Rector fulfill our mission and achieve our vision. Vestry members are elected by the congregation for three-year terms. Vestry members also act as liaisons with our committees and various ministries of the parish.



The Rector’s Warden, is the senior lay officer of the parish and in the absence of a Rector presides over the Vestry. His or her duties are to counsel with the Rector concerning the parish and to assist in promoting the ministries of the parish.


The People’s Warden’s duties are to counsel with the Rector concerning the parish and to act as the representative of the congregation in matters that concern the general welfare of the parish.


The Rector’s and People’s Wardens are appointed by the Rector from among the elected Vestry Members.


The Accounting Warden is the Treasurer of the church and his or her duties include oversight of all financial matters as well as to counsel with the Rector concerning the parish. The Accounting Warden is elected by the congregation.


Along with the Rector, the Wardens serve as the Advisory Committee which meets between each Vestry meeting to discuss issues of the Church, to set the agenda for the next Vestry meeting, and to offer counsel to the Rector. They also help to make decisions on basic logistical matters that do not require the counsel of the full Vestry.


Vestry Members and Liaison Assignments

The Vestry is comprised of the Rector’s Warden, People’s Warden, Accounting Warden, Secretary, the Youth Representative and eight other members.

Laurel Mosteller, Rector’s Warden, Class of 2016

Carol Lorentz-Burnett, People’s Warden and Liaison to Parish Life Ministries, Class of 2016

Tim Voit, Accounting Warden and Liaison to Church Operations Ministries, Class of 2016

Linda Matt, Secretary and Liaison to Church Inreach, Class of 2018

Madeleine Collins, Youth Representative, Liaison to Faith Formation Ministries

Cheryl Austin, Liaison to Inreach Ministries, Class of 2016

Bridget Burless, Liaison to Faith Formation Ministries, Class of 2018

Helen Collins, Liaison to Parish Life Ministries, Class of 2017

Stephanie Gill, Liaison to Faith Formation Ministries, Class of 2018

Mike Godwin, Liaison to Church Operations Ministries, Class of 2017

Betty Hilary, Liaison to Outreach Ministries, Class of 2017

Rich Lauer, Liaison to Outreach Ministries, Class of 2017

Jenna Linke, Liaison to Worship Ministries, Class of 2016

Polly Sanford, Liaison to Worship Ministries, Class of 2018

Other Leadership Position

Roy Gibson, Property Chair


Vestry Liaison email accounts

Faith Formation:




Parish Life:




Vestry Minutes 

September 2015

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