Online Directory

St. Peter’s is subscribed to an online photo directory service, Instant Church Directory, which can be accessed either through their website or an app, downloadable to your mobile phone.

It’s really easier than it sounds! When you go to the homepage at, you will see a place on the lower right to log in as a church member. Simply follow the prompts to create your login credentials. Once on the website, you will be able to view all the directory information.

To download the app to your phone or tablet, either go to the following link or your device’s app store (iTunes or googleplay). Search for Instant Church Directory and install (it’s free). Periodically refresh your app from its menu in case there have been changes made.

One advantage of the service, besides the convenience of having everyone’s contact information easily accessible, is that the content can be rapidly updated and periodically printed for those who prefer a paper directory.

Did I mention it’s a PHOTO directory? Those of you whose photos are on the board in the hallway, your pictures are already uploaded. Members whose photos are missing or who would like to update them (children grow so fast) please contact Amy Michener-Wall. 

The website is very intuitive and easy to navigate and includes many tutorials but please feel free to contact me and I can try to help walk you through the process if you need to.