Parish Life Ministries

Fellowship Hosts

Fellowship Hour after the main service on Sunday morning is a great way to welcome, serve and get to know St. Peter’s parishioners as well as visitors. Fellowship hosts make and serve coffee, lemonade and tea. The hosts may also provide baked goods, fruit, cheese, or other finger foods. Beverages and other snacks are provided by the church.

On their scheduled day, the hosts generally arrive before the service to make the coffee and other preparations so they can attend the worship service. The three parts of hosting are set-up, serving, and clean-up. Our volunteer hosts take joy in welcoming others, preparing food (or buying food), and serving. It is a great way to introduce yourself to those you do not know well and to welcome a visitor to our church.

As a thriving church community, we are only able to revolve and evolve smoothly with the help of our wonderful volunteers. There are many areas where volunteers can help, including regular office duties such as: copying, helping with mailings and leaflets, answering phones, and Accounting Office tasks.

If you would like more information about volunteering at St. Peter’s office, please call Nancy Price, in our Church Office at (215) 887-1765.

Office Volunteers

We love to have fun and be together at St. Peter's! And as most Episcopalians we do this often around the table. There opportunities throughout our year for parish-wide, family or adult gatherings.  Some events include: Trivia Night, Shrove Tuesday Talent Show and Pancake Supper, Annual Picnic, Rally Day Celebration, Moms' Nights Outs, and the Women's Christmas Dinner.  We welcome friends and family to enjoy these fun gatherings with us.

Fellowship & Fun

Welcome Team

The Welcome Team was born out of a need and a passion to share our faith, fellowship, and love of St. Peter’s with others. Our mission is to attract people to our church, welcome our visitors, and help them feel comfortable. It is our hope that with good experiences early on, they will want to return and worship with us on a regular basis.


With a critical eye, we try to see what would help a visitor feel more comfortable, and take strides to make it happen. Some examples include creating a new updated welcome brochure for the pews, placing directional signs on both the interior and exterior of the church, extending a warm greeting, and inviting visitors to come to fellowship.


The Team meets monthly in the evenings. You can bring your love of St. Peter’s and the desire to share it with others to this ministry of welcome.

Women's Group

Sunday mornings often do not provide enough time to talk with others on a deeper, more spiritual level. The Women’s Group gathers to spend more time getting to know other women at St. Peter’s. We develop stronger bonds with some women and the group as a whole. We support and love each other. We also support the life of St. Peter’s by participating and helping with some events.

All the women of St. Peter’s are welcome to come to our monthly dinners, our retreat weekend, and/or other occasional events. Friends are also welcome. Just bring your love of St. Peter’s and all its members, your willingness to accept all women for who they are and participate as you are able. We gather one Friday night a month from September through June for a potluck dinner and meeting. Our retreat weekend usually takes place in late winter or early spring.