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Youth Education

Rite 13

Rite 13 is for middle school aged youth and meets on Sundays at immediately following Holy Communion (around 11:00 a.m.) in the Sunday School wing on the lower level of the church. The Rite 13 curriculum assists young people as they take the first steps of passage away from their families and into their own lives. It includes a liturgical celebration which continues to acknowledge the gift of gender and the creative power and potential of each child. Rite 13 creates a safe environment to explore the faith with new ideas and new possibilities. At the end of two-three years, each teenager should be capable of expressing his or her special and unique qualities and acknowledging and understanding that life is truly a gift from God.


The Journey to Adulthood program (nicknamed J2A) is a continuation of the Rite 13 program and is for high schoolers. The J2A program culminates in a Pilgrimage to a location chosen and planned by the students and leaders. The program is a 2-year commitment and the class stays as a group for the length of the program. These young teens are taught about how to grow into adulthood by examining themselves, their society, their spirituality and their sexuality all from a Christian perspective. Our goals is that at the end of the journey each youth grows in knowledge and love of themselves,

their neighbor and their God. In addition to group learning, the J2A students are asked to be actively involved in the ministry of the parish and they are encouraged to volunteer and be active members of their society.

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