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About Stewardship

“All things come of Thee, O Lord, and of Thine own have we given Thee.” 1 Chronicles 29:14

A steward is a trusted person who manages property or affairs on behalf of another. At St. Peter’s we believe that we are all God’s stewards, managing in God’s name the gifts of Time, Talent & Treasure entrusted to us. Stewardship begins with our grateful acknowledgment that everything we have - our families, our homes, our work, our abilities and talents, our friends, our ministry and our money - is a gift that has come to us from a generous God. Our mission is to manage our gifts in a spirit of thanksgiving and in accordance with the way of Jesus. In our role as stewards, we embark on a path to deeper knowledge of God in Jesus Christ and this journey helps us to make the love of Christ known.

We invite each household at St. Peter’s to find ways to use time, talents, and treasure to build up this community as a living part of Jesus’ beloved Kingdom of God. Just as we are growing in our faith and growing in our ability to love God and love our neighbors, so we are called to grow in our ministry as God’s stewards. 


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During our Sunday Forum, Accounting Warden Mike Reeve discussed ways to keep the St. Peter's community growing and thriving with an overview of the parish's financial health and practices, including how we budget and spend.



View Mike's Power Point Here!

June 9 STP Finance Slide Deck Final.pdf.png
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