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The Campaign...

At St. Peter’s we value warmth. Warm welcomes. Warm receptions. Warm wishes. We want our parishioners, tenants and visitors to feel loved and secure. The upcoming retirement of our original heating system allows us to look back warmly on nearly 70 years of ministry in this building. And it

invites us to live into a new era of environmental stewardship that sustains and protects both our parish and the planet. You can invest in that future through St. Peter’s two-year Warm Regards Campaign, where we aim to...


  • Raise $150,000 for our new boiler system.

  • Develop ways to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure a sustainable future.

  • Celebrate the energy that fuels our ministries.


Check back each week for more updates and information on sustainability and the Warm Regards Campaign.

Replace our boilers.

Restore our Reserves.

Sustain our future.

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