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Rummage Sales

Twice a year in the spring and fall, we offer a parish-wide Rummage Sale. Countless items donated by parishioners and the larger community fill the Parish Hall. Our very reasonable prices mean great bargains! Besides delighting eager shoppers, rummage sales are a gift to the environment. Re-purpose, re-use, recycle!

Whatever we don’t sell, we donate to charitable organizations. All profits from the Rummage Sale are used to support the parish ministries as well as those in our neighboring community.

Thanks to everyone who supported our Spring Sale and helped make it a success!  Our next sale will be in the Fall.  Til then, if you have something you want to sell, check out our Random On-line Rummage below.

Random On-line Rummage Sales

The random online rummage sale (RoR) was invented by Kate Boyce in April of 2020 when we were unable to hold our physical rummage sale because of the COVID - 19 pandemic. Items are offered for sale for the benefit of the church and its outreach ministries and the information is shared via an email that people opt into (and can easily opt out of if needed). It is called "random" online rummage, because Kate never knows how much she will be offered, or how often, or what it will be. That is part of the fun! Items are picked up directly at the home of the donor through a mutually convenient arrangement. It CAN all be done in a way that requires no person a person contact. So, it was especially pandemic safe. It has proven so popular that we have decided to continue it moving forward. It is a good way for people to pass along usable goods in between rummage sales or for items that are very large so they don't need to be moved multiple times. We even once did a sale for the contents of a home when someone was moving! The monies made support the ministries of the church, specifically the Community Partnership Team outreach. If you have an item you would like to donate or would like to be added to the mailing list of shoppers, contact Kate at

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