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Library & Archives



Archives are the history of our church since its beginning. Archives include a history of decisions made, events that occurred, as well as the people who attended such events. We have been blessed to have paper records going back to when a Summer Sunday School first formed in 1873.


We maintain the history of both St. Peter's and St. Philip-in-the-Fields churches as well as memorabilia saved from the beginning of our community in the 1880's. These items are stored in the Library and can be readily accessed when needed or desired.

St. Peter's Library


The Library welcomes all. You can browse through many types of books (spirituality, prayer, Bible study, history, church history, religions, as well as secular books such as biographies). Our Library also houses religious reference books and the archives of our church.  The sign-out sheet on the clipboard should be filled out when borrowing non-reference material. Anyone who is not a member of the church should include their address and phone number on the sign-out sheet as well.  When you are finished,  please return them to the window sill for re-shelving.



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