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A Special Thank you from the Altar Guild

The Altar Guild wishes to give special thanks to Bridget Burless & Dave Kipphut for their assistance during Holy Week. Bridget created the beautiful Garden of Repose and Dave is the artist behind all things floral – from Palm Sunday through Easter. We are very grateful of their gifts.

With Holy Week behind us, things slow down a bit for Altar Guild so now is a good time to recruit and train new volunteers for this ministry. We are very lucky to have a “Special Teams” group which handles things like ironing and brass/silver polishing, but we need more volunteers to help with the Sunday services. For the past years, we have only had 4 members who have been covering the weekly services; we really need more help, both to ease that schedule as well as to share our knowledge and experience of this ministry with others.

I once described the Altar Guild as doing the dishes in Latin - instead of cups, plates and napkins, we have chalices, patens & purificators - different names but the purpose is the same. We come to church about 45 minutes before the service starts and set out the vessels, linens, etc. needed for the service; after the service, we stay about 20 minutes to clean up & put away those same items. We sometimes have other duties based on the church calendar, but our main responsibility is to ensure that Rev. Barb has the tools she needs to celebrate our Sunday services each week.

The Altar Guild welcomes all persons of a responsible age who wish to volunteer, and anyone who has ever set a table or washed & dried dishes is qualified! New volunteers will receive dedicated training and will work alongside a seasoned Altar Guild member until they reach a level of comfort. Please consider joining us in this special ministry and feel free to speak with Donna Kulp or Karen Sayer if you have any questions.

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