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Celebrating Our Friendship: Guatemala Sunday 2023

El domingo de Guatemala es December 3rd!

Hola amigos! Each year, Guatemala Sunday celebrates our relationship with our beloved companions. On December 3, we will have a slide show presentation during morning service with photos of the members of our companion churches and take some time to practice our Spanish as sing hymns with folk group. Our celebration this year will also include a sermon by our good friend Rev. Neli Miranda Mancilla. The video recording of Neli’s sermon was done by her teenage son, Maximo, who many of us have known since he was a baby.

UPAVIM (Unidas Para Vivir Mejor) Craft Sale

After the service we will have the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping at the UPAVIM Craft fair. UPAVIM is a woman’s co-operative in Guatemala City, which several of us have visited during trips to Guatemala. It is a gift to know that our purchases were made by women who are working hard to support their families.

Café Juan Ana

During fellowship hour, we will have Guatemalan coffee to try and some bags available to purchase. Café Juan Ana was founded in 1992 in response to the challenges coffee growers faced in San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala. Some of us have visited there and deeply respect this mission. One of the coffee growers recently wrote:

“We do our best to collect the best beans…….by enjoying our delicious coffee, you are also supporting small growers like us. Every coffee bean we source is harvested with love and gratitude.”

St. Peter's Guatemala Scholarship Fund

You are also invited to contribute to our Guatemala Scholarship Fund. We support children from our companion churches with the belief that education is the way out of poverty. We're happy to say that some of our former scholarship recipients now have thriving careers! Scholarships are set at $150 but any size donation is welcome.


Linda Toia, St. Peter's Guatemala Committee

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