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  • Rev. Barbara Ballenger

Rev. Barb's Warm Regards Letter

Dear friends,

Starting in June our old oil and gas-powered boilers, which we are affectionately calling Frank and Ernest, will retire, and a new, energy-efficient gas-powered boiler system will be installed. This provides some exciting opportunities for St. Peter’s to enter a new era of sustainability, as we significantly reduce our fuel consumption and increase our efforts to care for the earth.

As we have reported in our e-newsletter and in Sunday announcements, the price tag for these improvements is $150,000. Frank and Ernest barely got us through the chilly early spring, and they’ve made it pretty clear that this was their last season with us.

In their honor, we have launched the Warm Regards Campaign to:

  • Replenish the financial reserves we are investing in our new system;

  • Sustain our future with ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint;

  • Celebrate the energy that has fueled ministry in this building for nearly 70 years.

So far, a $41,000 grant from the diocese and generous gifts totaling $11,000 from a few parishioners have covered about a third of the investment. I’m asking for your assistance in funding the rest.

Would you make a monthly gift over the next 24 months to help us meet our goal?

You can schedule an ongoing donation by hovering your phone camera over the QR code below, or by visiting the Warm Regards Page at Or contact Charlese Freeman, Associate for Communications and Administration, at or 215-887-1765 to request a set of Warm Regards envelopes that can be dropped in the collection plate or mailed in. Enclosed please find an envelope to get you started.

How much should you give? If about 80 of our members and supporters gave at least $50 a month, we’d reach our goal by June of 2025.

Starting in the fall, Warm Regards events like a blue grass concert, a Trivia Night, a special bake sale on Election Day and more will invite the community to support our efforts.

Meanwhile, your monthly contribution will help us manage our cash flow during the boiler work this summer and beyond.

Please contact me if you have questions about the campaign or would like to assist with our fall Warm Regards events.

Thank you for your help in making our church community a warm and welcoming environment for all.

Warm regards,

Rev. Barb Ballenger, rector

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