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Shirley Smith Named One of ECW's Triennial 2024 Distinguished Women

St. Peter's is honored to announce Shirley Smith as the 2024 ECW Distinguished Woman for the Pennsylvania Diocese. We will take some time to present Shirley's award during morning worship on Sunday, July 14.

Shirley B. Smith was introduced to the Episcopal Faith while she was a patient at the Home of the Merciful Savior, a polio treatment center. She later met another polio survivor who happened to be an Episcopalian, Fred Smith. The two got engaged and married at St. Peters Episcopal Church, Glenside. They had two daughters, who were raised in St. Peters, as well as seven grandchildren.

Shirley has held many positions at St. Peter's during her years here. She has taught Sunday School, served as Vestry member, Lector, United Thank Offering Custodian, and Chair of the Outreach Committee.

Shirley remains active in her church as well as the Diocese of Pennsylvania. She is Presider of the PA Diocese Episcopal Church Women Steering Committee, as well as the chair of the Church’s Community Partnership Team. Shirley participates in all these ministries while helping raise awareness of polio prevention. Shirley is an inspiration to us all.

To learn more about the Episcopal Church Women organization, visit the website at or contact Shirley Smith at

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