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The "toothpaste church": Why Your Ongoing Giving Still Matters

Updated: Feb 22

Our toothpaste donations for St. James Middle School has decreased by nearly 50% this month, but this can’t be correct because we’ve been deemed the "toothpaste church"! According to Mary Rivera, our fervent St. Peter’s ambassador, whenever someone mentions the name St. Peter’s “oh, the toothpaste church” is the response she receives. St. Peter’s contributions have made a difference in the lives of the St. James's students and families.

Years ago, former St. Peter’s rector, Emily, decided she wanted the church’s representation at St. James School. Mary Rivera was selected as that representative.

She decided that, if she was going to be an ambassador, she would be the best she could be, so she researched the school and found ways to support its students and families. Thus, rallying up the St. Peter’s community and donating a single item every month for the school’s share table- toothpaste.

“Since St. Peter’s has started helping out at the school, we have never gone without toothpaste on our share table”, said Mary someone from the school told her. “It breaks my heart to think of kids being without toothpaste today, but if we can help it…why not?”

St. James is the only Episcopal school in the city of Philadelphia, located in the Alleghany West section of North Philadelphia. It provides 85 students in grades 4-8 with a quality faith-based private education. Thanks to more than 1,300 donors, like St. Peter's, St. James is Tuition-free and aims to support the community.

Our toothpaste bin is located directly outside of the sanctuary. For more information visit or email Mary Rivera at

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