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Reimagining Our Space: Beginning the Conversation of Current and Future Space Usage at St. Peter's

Updated: Apr 4

The community at St. Peter’s Church continues to change as we share our gifts of inclusive welcome, caring connection, and inspired liturgy. From the modest community hall that was built in 1873, to the chapel that was built to seat 144 people in 1881, to the church we know today that was built with pews to seat 500 in 1957, the buildings, rooms, and grounds that have supported St. Peter’s Church have evolved to meet the changing needs of our parish. And as we take the time to refresh the many ways in which we support the spiritual growth and education of our church community, while caring for one another and our wider community, it is important that we have ongoing conversations about how our buildings and grounds might change and evolve as well. It is also worth pointing out that many of our spaces are both serving our ministries as well as generating income to cover the significant costs of heating, cooling, and maintaining our extensive campus of buildings.

Throughout the next six to eight months, we will host a series of Space Use Forums to look at how our church grounds, sanctuary, narthex, parish hall, classrooms, and tenant spaces are currently being used, and how they could be updated to better serve our church community and its ministries. The first of these Space Use Forums will be held on Sunday, April 7 following worship. At this initial forum, we will look at our location in the greater Glenside community as well as the many ways that visitor’s first experience St. Peter’s from our website, Easton Road approach, signage, the church yard, landscaping, lighting, driveways, parking, and entrances. Whether you have been coming to St. Peter’s for forty years or four months, we want to hear your perspectives on how we can make our church even more welcoming and approachable for longt-time parishioners as well as those who are looking for a new church.

Subsequent forums in the coming months will discuss the: 2) Sanctuary, Chapel & Narthex, 3) Parish Hall & Tenant Spaces, 4) Library, Halls & Kitchen, 5) Classrooms & Offices, and 6) Website “Arrival” Experience & Virtual Church Service Experience. 

Join us this Sunday as we delve into this exciting topic!

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