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Lois's Library: A Home for Books, a Legacy of love

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

“You can get lost in any library, no matter the size. But the more lost you are, the more things you’ll find.” ―Millie Florence, Lydia Green Of Mulberry Glen

On Sunday, July 30 after morning service, the congregation will gather outside to introduce and bless Lois's Library— a tribute to the life of late parishioner Lois Sibley.

Lois Sibley, late wife of Larry Sibley who teaches lectionary bible study throughout the year, passed in April 2020 during the pandemic at the age of eighty-eight.

Lois, a fervent bookworm, worked as an editor and published a few books of her own. Outside of her career, she was known for her generous and tender love for others.

Mary Rivera recalls fond memories of her dear friend, telling stories of the two knitting together and even starting their own community bookcase at St. Peter’s years ago.

“She was my first friend…She would request another copy [of a book] for me if she thought I was interested.” Rivera said. “There used to be a little bookcase by the handicap (wheelchair accessible) bathroom. I’m not sure what happened to it, but I miss it.”

Now there will be a little library dedicated to Lois’s love for books and community. Like the previous bookcase Lois organized inside the church, readers will be able to take books that they like and leave ones for others to enjoy. It will be located near the door to the food cupboard.

Lois's legacy of love, seen through her five children, twenty-one grandchildren, loving husband of 65 years, will touch readers for generations to come.

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