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Reaching the Community with Fr. Joseluis Memba & St. Peter's Community Partnership Committee

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Do you know who lives in our rectory? I am sure most St. Peter's parishioners know Rosalinda and Brodie, but is there another and what does he do? His official title is Reverend Father Dr. Joseluis Memba. To Rosalinda and Brodie, he is husband and father. If you ask members of two Episcopal Churches in Philly, you will find many different words describing Fr. Memba.

Fr. Memba is the Rector of La Iglesia Episcopal DeCristo Y San Ambrosio and Free Church of St. John. Every Sunday, he has a 10a.m. service at St. John's in English and a noon service at Crist San Ambrosio in Spanish. Some parishioners follow him to both churches. Monday through Saturday, he visits both parishes. He has started different programs for the neighboring children, from boxing to afterschool tutoring with a growing wait list.

This year the Community Partnership Committee is partnering with

Fr. Memba to provide Christmas toys for the children in the Kensington Neighborhood, where both his parishes are located.

Instead of an Angel tree like we've done in the past, we are going to have an Angel Piano this year! Parishioners can pick up a child's information and toy requests starting this Sunday, November 26. Toys will be collected before Christmas.

Mary Rivera

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