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Why Vestry: Nancy Ironside's Vestry Reflection

Why vestry? It’s a good question from both a community and personal perspective. The vestry is a group of people who, with one another and with the rector, cares for the church, its facilities, its mission and its members. We meet monthly, but the work is on-going, often looking like a phone call here or a walk there that helps a person or decision move forward. Sometimes the work is mystical. Other times, it is quite practical.

As the daughter of clergy, I saw both the mystical parts and the practical parts of church from a young age. People need salaries, the church needs repairs, services need music, and the heat needs to stay on. All of these practical pieces of church allow space for the more mystical parts to happen. Often, the practical decisions are critical to the mission of the church, which is good to remember even if the meetings seem long.

Why vestry for you, though? You might think that your gifts don’t lend themselves to this type of work. This is probably not true. Do you manage your own personal resources well? We need you. Do you listen to the needs of others and seek to help St. Peter’s thrive? We need you. Do you offer ideas? Dissent? Alternative views that stem from your experience? We need you. Are you looking for a way to connect with cool, fun, caring and thoughtful people? We need you.

I hope that you feel called to this mystical and practical work. I am glad that Polly Sanford called me three years ago to invite me to hear this call and now I invite you. Linda Toia, Dave Kipphut and I are finishing our vestry terms this year. My hope is that the three of us can be replaced by folks with creative energy, imagination, innovation and love for St. Peter’s. Think for a minute about how your particular gifts could meet these needs. If you’re feeling called to serve, say something - to me, to Linda, to Dave - and we can answer any questions you might have.

Serving on Vestry can deepen your connection to the St. Peter’s Community as you will meet people and ministries you never knew before. Serving on Vestry will also deepen your faith as you will have an up-close view of the mystical and practical ways God works within our church and within you.

- Nancy Ironside

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